Chiropractic Patient Magnets Download and Review

Chiropractic Patient Magnets Review and Bonus by Luther Landro – Chiropractors Are Paying $500 Per Month To Rent Simple Patient Magnet Websites

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Chiropractic Patient Magnets is unique, it can be applied by just with a lot of purpose. The detailed step-by-step training allows anyone with no prior experience to easily get started

Right now, you have 2 choices: You can continue to spin your wheels chasing the latest gimmick to sell offline businesses or hack to get traffic to an offer, constantly learning, procrastinating, but never implementing anything enough to earn you a single dollar. Trading your time for money in a day job or as a consultant, never getting ahead and staying ‘topped out’ in your career…OR…You can start building assets that produce passive income for life. Build your own network of Patient Magnet sites slowly in your spare time or dedicate yourself for the next 3 months building an empire that sets you up with income for life. Since you’ve come this far, I know you’ll make the only smart decision. Click the buy button below to secure your copy of the Chiropractic Patient Magnets right now and have your first site generating appointments by this time next week.

Remember: This business model might seem simple, and it is, but that’s only because Stephen has taken the time to figure out all the details. He’s made all the mistakes along the way that cost him time and money to discover the keyword formula that works, the right plugins to install (and which ones not to install), the good and bad backlink sources, and the right non-sales approach to landing clients. Don’t try to figure this out on your own. Picking the wrong webhost, choosing the wrong keywords, using the wrong plugins, getting the wrong backlinks, and having the wrong offer on your site will kill your chances at seeing results. Why reinvent the wheel when everything is already figured out for you? How to know if Chiropractic Patients Magnets is right for you. There are a lot of opportunities out there, and a lot of business models that you can follow to earn money online. Different solutions work for different people, so let me simplify your decision to invest in Chiropractic Patient Magnets. How to know if Chiropractic Patients Magnets is right for you. There are a lot of opportunities out there, and a lot of business models that you can follow to earn money online. Different solutions work for different people, so let me simplify your decision to invest in Chiropractic Patient Magnets.

Do you want to know how you can profit from Chiropractic Patient Magnets Review and Bonus by Luther Landro – Chiropractors Are Paying $500 Per Month To Rent Simple Patient Magnet Websites?

Download Chiropractic Patient Magnets here :

Chiropractic Patient Magnets Review and Bonus by Luther Landro – Chiropractors Are Paying $500 Per Month To Rent Simple Patient Magnet Websites Chiropractic Patient Magnets Review

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Here’s a glimpse at some of the things you will learn inside this program:

  • The keyword formula for generating patient traffic – Tap into what the patients are searching for with an included list of injuries, medical conditions, and benefits chiropractors can offer. Combined with local search, this formula produces millions of keyword combinations that are easy to rank for, and deliver visitors who set appointments to fix their ails.
  • 3 free research tools that will tell you how much traffic (and appointments) your site will get before you build it – These tools eliminate the guesswork telling you exactly what it will take to rank your sites on page one of Google and keep it there for the long term. These go beyond Google’s Keyword tool and will allow you to quickly test your keyword ideas to find the easiest low hanging fruit keywords so you can maximize the time you spend building sites.
  • How to buy the right domain that will have you owning the first page of results for any keyword – Use this domain search tool to look not only for available domains, but expired domains and other opportunities that can help you rank your sites faster. (Buying the right domain is like owning web real estate and cements your place on the first page of results)
  • The 30-second ‘sanity check’ you MUST perform before you build a mini-site – Checking the first page of Google for this mistake BEFORE you build your site will save you the headache of a keyword that was doomed to fail. NO tool can check this for you and is the most common reason newbies fail when building a site and ranking it in Google. (If you ever wonder why your site didn’t rank when you did everything right, THIS is almost always the reason)
  • Why some webhosts will HURT your Google rank – Web hosting companies share their servers among multiple customers. If you use the WRONG host you will be sharing space with spammers, porn sites, and other websites and Google will group your site in with them, punishing you for guilt by association. Learn the hosts you MUST avoid at all costs, as well as the hosts that have the best reputation with Google (Stephen has seen a boost in his site’s Google rank by doing nothing more than changing webhosts…proving this concept.)
  • How to pick SEO friendly WordPress Themes – Use one of Stephen’s recommended free themes to give your sites a professional look and feel, or use his 5-minute check to know if a theme will work with Google’s latest rules BEFORE you buy or install any theme (this is handy anytime you build a website that you want Google to be able to crawl easily)
  • The free SEO plugin recommended by NASA that handles 90% of your pages SEO – This WordPress plugin is used by the New Yorker,, and Microsoft to handle all their on-site optimizations. This plugin will recommend changes to your articles to make more Google friendly and handles video SEO, Google news SEO, Local SEO, and mobile SEO together in one package.
  • The free fixer plugin that auto-fixes problems on your sites and prevents Google from seeing them – This plugin checks for all the most common SEO mistakes including broken links, missing images, broken 404 pages, and notifies you by email when they’re found while preventing Google from seeing these errors until you can fix them. These errors can happen when building your sites or by accident months, even years after your sites have been built because of incompatible plugin updates. You’ll never have to worry about them as long as you’ve got this free plugin installed.
  • The real time analytics plugin Stephen uses to track site visitors – Watch your visitors in real time to see what they are searching for to find your site, which articles are the most popular, which parts of your site are getting the most appointments, and which need to be improved. Tracking and tweaking your site can turn a site that is generating 2 appointments per month into generating 10 or more and earn you hundreds, even thousands of dollars more per month with the same number of Patient Magnet sites in your network.
  • The ‘speed-up plugin’ recommended by Matt Cutts (Google’s head of search) – This plugin will speed your site by as much as 10X by minifying all the images, text, and javascript on your website making them faster for your visitors to download. Page speed is a crucial factor in your Google ranking and installing this plugin is the easiest way to boost it.
  • Stop hackers cold with this professional grade security plugin – WordPress sites get hacked all the time (happened to me twice) which can not only damage your site, but get you banned from Google because your site is considered unsafe. This security plugin provides a firewall that blocks known hackers, exploits, brute force attacks, and hacker bots from a database that is updated daily. The plugin also blocks other plugins and themes if they are known to have a security hole, so you can breathe easy when installing an older plugin or one that you’re unsure of.
  • The lead collection plugin that captures patients – Use this plugin to design your calls to action and get the patients to opt into your email list when they set up their appointment with your clients.
  • Online privacy policy and terms generator that saves time – Google requires your site to have a complete privacy policy and Terms of Service to appear in their listing. This generator will create one in seconds for your site, saving you time and money while protecting you from all the recent privacy laws including GDPR, cookie consent, and any other laws that get passed in the future.
  • Simple 10-minute article formula – Use this formula when writing articles for your sites to produce copy that not only ranks for your chosen keywords, but also convinces the visitor to call or fill out the appointment form. The right article can mean the difference between your visitors just browsing and leaving or becoming patients for your clients.
  • Natural backlink building that Google rewards with a boost in ranking – Google has caught on to all the old methods of building backlinks and will punish your site if you still use them. Use Stephens ‘natural backlinks’ method to only get links from authority sources and mix up the link’s anchor tag the way Google likes (getting the anchor tags WRONG is the biggest mistake in making your backlinks look natural). Even if you have no experience, the step by step instructions will allow you to avoid all these mistakes and get it right every time.
  • How to use social media to boost your Google Rank – Sharing your sites on social media the right way will give you a boost in search results, as well as provide extra traffic to your site from shares and likes. Not all social media is created equal and picking the right sites (and timing) is crucial to seeing results.
  • Local and niche directory sites that are hidden gem backlink sources – Stephen reveals his method for finding ‘local directories’ who’s backlinks are like rocket fuel for local SEO. I’ve been using these sources on my own client’s websites and have seen a boost in their ranking and traffic 9 out of 10 times…and they work even better on small Patient Magnet sites.
  • The authority sites you should always use as your first source of backlinks – Letting Google discover your site through one of these backlinks instantly establishes your site as an authority. NEVER submit your site to Google, or a site indexer because you’ll lose the boost these authority sites provide.
  • How to build a list of pain patients you can get paid to mail – Capture leads whenever they make an appointment to build an email list of your own that you can use to earn affiliate commissions on supplements, pain relief eBooks, or even charge chiropractors a fee to send out an email advertising their service. (another passive way to earn income from the traffic and leads your sites generate.)
  • How to set up a local forwarding number for free – Free service allows you to take phone calls with a number that is local to your sites target (live phone leads are gold for chiropractors and will pay $100 or more per phone call). Service includes call tracking, voice mail, and forwarding to your clients all completely free.
  • Site scanners that will check your sites for errors – Fix your sites before Google notices problems by running them through one of these free scanners. They’ll tell you everything you need to fix as well as recommend ways to speed up your site and boost its SEO. It’s like having me look over your sites for you, so you can learn by doing and never worry about making a costly mistake.
  • .EDU and .GOV backlink sources – Backlinks from .edu and .gov domains are the most powerful way to boost your site to the first page. You’ll learn how to find blogs, forums, and directories hosted on these domains and how to create links back to your site cementing your position on the first page of google.
  • The A/B split test plugin Stephen uses to earn the most money possible from every site – Having the right headline, call to action, button, even font color can double or triple the number of visitors who set appointments. This plugin allows you to test variations to see which one generates the most leads and money. The results are always counter-intuitive:
    • Changing one word in a headline increased conversion by 50%
    • Having a Red button instead of blue increased one site from 5 leads a month to 8 (but the OPPOSITE happened for a site in another city)
    • One site got 4X the response by adding a phone number instead of an email, while others had a better response with an email form
    • Testing can take a site generating 2-3 appointments per month to over 10 (at $100 per lead, that’s an increase in income from $200/month to over $1,000 per month with ONE small tweak)
  • Stephen’s favorite lead source to find Chiropractic clients – This government website will give you the direct contact information for every Chiropractor in the country making it easy to find buyers for your appointments.
  • The sneaky question that will ALWAYS get a response direct from the Chiropractor – Secretaries always forward these emails to their doctors because they cannot legally answer it themselves. There is no faster way to get in touch with a decision maker meaning you will land more sales with far fewer emails.
  • How to skip the sales pitch by offering free leads – No Chiropractor will turn down free referrals and Stephen’s email pitch creates a bidding war by offering referrals to multiple chiropractors, inviting them to bid on leads as they come in. This earns you top dollar for every site you create, and means you never run out of hungry chiropractors to sell your leads too.
  • How to lock clients into an annual contract so you can collect bulk payments up front – Set yourself up for the next year by giving clients a discount when they rent your sites for an entire year (this same strategy applies when selling leads individually, collecting a large lump sum then sending them leads over the course of months to fulfill the order.)
  • Earn top dollar for every site you create – Charge clients a monthly fee to ‘lease’ your website OR charge them a flat $100 per appointment to maximize your income. You’ll learn how to sell leads multiple times to different Chiropractors and what to charge them as the leads age.
  • BONUS Chapter: How to earn $5,000/month upselling clients – I’ve included a list of all the service that I resell and outsource to my clients that allows me to earn $5,000/month or more from each one. You’ll be able to offer things like: SEO service, social media marketing, newsletters, mobile sites, YouTube/video marketing, local SEO, and more. Once you’ve got them on the hook buying leads, they will be open and even eager to working with you further (you’d be surprised how many will ask you for these services once they are your client. Having this list means you can deliver and get paid rather than them going elsewhere.)

This program is right for you and your goals IF:

  • You want something low to no investment, grass-roots system that gets up and running fast
  • You are overwhelmed and looking for a way reliable to start earning money
  • You want to build assets that provide passive income rather than providing a service
  • You simply want to learn SEO tactics that are working now

On the flip side this is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for hacks, tricks, or other ‘black hat’ SEO that scams the search engines (these work in the short term, and eventually get punished)
  • You are an agency with thousands to spend on SEO (these are grass roots tactics)
  • You are looking for a get rich quick scheme that requires no work (you must put in the time to building these sites)

Chiropractic Patient Magnets Bonuses :

Super Bonus 1: Patient Magnet SEO Checklist
I’ve taken everything in the main guide and compiled it into a fast-action checklist you can use to every time you build a site (or go through this checklist on other WordPress sites you build.). Listen: Pilots have checklists for pre-flight, take off, landing, and every step in between. They can’t afford to miss a beat because every mistake is a life and death. You will never make a mistake when building your Chiropractic Patient Magnets when you follow this checklist. Everything from choosing a domain name, webhost, WordPress theme, which plugins to install, backlinks and the order to get them, social media shares, EVERYTHING is presented here in a step by step, check the box when you are done manner. (I dare YOU to use this checklist against and site YOU currently have, or any sites your clients have.)

Super bonus 2: Copy & Paste email scripts to get Chiropractors into a bidding war
Never again compete for a client’s business…Instead get them competing for yours. This is how REAL passive income is made. You’ll guarantee yourself top dollar for every lead your site generates by sending these email scripts out to chiropractors. This is NOT about spamming, it’s about finding the ideal clients, using the first email to get the doctor/decision maker on the line, giving them free leads (making them grateful) and selling them on buying more.

Chiropractors are eager to buy leads after you send them samples
There are scripts to upsell, to book them on annual contracts, AND special bonus emails to ask for referrals for colleagues in other towns (they don’t lose anything referring you colleagues in other towns and if you have the leads anyway they are MORE Than happy to do it).

Super Bonus 3: Patient Magnet Article Templates
Fill in the blanks mad-lib style template that will have you writing perfect articles every time for your Patient Magnet sites. From the headline template that will increase clickthrough’s and traffic to the body copy that sells visitors on chiropractic services and gets them making an appointment…All while embedding your keywords to make sure the article stays firmly at the top of Google search results. These 3 super bonuses are only available to the first few hundred buyers of this program who are willing to take immediate action.

And your investment is secured by my 100% ‘First page of Google’ Guarantee

If within the next 60 days you don’t manage to rank at least 2 sites on the first page of Google. If those sites don’t generate at least 5 patient appointments a month. Or if you are not completely thrilled with the results from this product, any reason at all. Just send me a support ticket with the word refund and I will send you back every penny.

Download Chiropractic Patient Magnets :

Chiropractic Patient Magnets Review and Bonus by Luther Landro – Chiropractors Are Paying $500 Per Month To Rent Simple Patient Magnet Websites

Chiropractic Patient Magnets Review

Chiropractic Patient Magnets is very very professional product and best choice for you. However overall this Chiropractic Patient Magnets does a great job. Chiropractic Patient Magnets is a huge time saver and will save you money Chiropractic Patient Magnets Download

Get Now Chiropractic Patient Magnets :

download Chiropractic Patient Magnets

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